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Notice No.1 : The second phase of OBE mode of examination is to be conducted by the University in compliance of the order dated 17.08.2020 passed by the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi in W.P. No. 3199/2020, in physical mode of examination. The University will adopt the blended mode of examinations i.e physical mode or ICT based remote examinations.
Notice No.2 : The second phase of examinations shall be conducted for those students who have either not appeared in the first phase of examination or failed to upload on the portal or to submit the scanned images of the answer scripts through email during the first phase of OBE with any reason.
(i) The students shall appear in the examination as per the span period specified for the course/programme.
(ii) All the PWD students shall appear in the papers as per the choice for improvement.
(iii) Mandatory fields which are required to be filled: (i) Date of birth (ii) Whatsapp No. (iii) Mobile No. (iv) E-mail (v) Details of paper with UPC (vi) Mode of Examination – Physical Mode / Remote Mode (vii) PWD students who want to travel Delhi for examination.
(iv) Students have to also pay the requisite examination fee as per the rule.
1. Refer Notification No. 'Dean(exams.)/2020/Second Phase-OBE' issued by the Examination Branch on 28.08.2020.
2. Those who have already appeared and submitted their answer sheets in the first phase of examination except the PWD category are not eligible to appear in the second phase of examination except at point no. (ii) as above under the Information section.
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